Dossier: Aethos Omega

Faction: Aethos Omega

Type: Andoran Trading House

Origin: Andoran

Aethos Omega is one of the four largest and most profitable mearchant consortiums in Andoran, and subsequently, all of Golarion. They have holdings in every major trading area around the inner sea, and control much of the land based trading routes that criss cross the region. They have a fleet of ships and other means of transport as do all of the other Houses, but they are most dominant on land. They have developed breeds of horses, wagons, road and bridge making technology that exceeds that of nearly any nation, let alone orginization. They are often hired as consultants for public works in Andoran and other nations. Thier process, networks, and technology allow them to transport considerably more goods overland than anyone else.

AO employs a large private army in addition to many merchants, engineers, agents and countless other trades. They rarely employ mercenaries, as they are very aware of how the percieved misuse of force affects thier business and customer relations. They will employ freelance adventurers and other contractors who to live up to a very high standard of quality and discretion. They are not known for dealing in questionable goods, services, or any unsavory business. If they are involved in such things, it is done very discretely.