Dossier: Irena Tolyev

Faction: Aethos Omega

Role: Agent

Irena Tolyev made it high into the AO power structure through a combination of intelligence, efficiency, and remarkable beauty. She is ambitious but not without ethics. She has amassed personal wealth and power while at the same time greatly benefiting her employer. It seems a bit too perfect for some, especially her competition.

Irena has been tasked to recruit and employ the very best adventurers and treasure hunters to aid in AO’s exploration of the central deserts. While she has earned many admirers in Osirion, she has not met with her accustomed success in this endeavor. As with the other three Andoran trading houses present in Eto, they seem to be lagging behind some of the other players, even though they have a tremendous presence and have drawn in the most recruits to their competitions.